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to empower and protect

Trustworthy and ethical AI
in conjunction with Privacy by Design

Since the onset of COVID-19 a new and unpresented layer of health and safety is required in the travel industry which needs new, bespoke technological development. 

Altada offers AI-enabled services created especially for the challenges COVID-19 present to the travel and security sectors. We deploy use cases to extract meaningful insights from unstructured data which can significantly enhance security in the travel sector. 

Our security offering can help with the resumption of safe and responsible travel while living with the implications of COVID-19. Our proprietary solutions will help track and trace persons of interest (subjects who test positive for COVID-19) through public and or crowded spaces via CCTV cameras. We do this with trustworthy and ethical AI in conjunction with Privacy by Design to make it much safer for the public to travel and for business to continue globally.

How It Works

Altada has developed a proprietary solution for traveling during and post the pandemic era. This involves a technology pipeline that enables mission critical infrastructures (airports, major train stations, etc.) to maintain public safety during and after the pandemic. Our approach is based on managing a number of virtual admission gates into boarding. Our solutions allow individuals to travel safely from the moment a passenger enters the transport hub to the point they board their plane or train.

We collate multiple data-sets from various sources ie. video feeds, records etc. and from this we extract meaning. This can involve the identification of a person of interest via heat detection on security cameras. Those with a higher temperature is more likely to test positive for COVID-19. Our solutions will then send an alert to security present onsite to remove the subject from the general population to allow them to be tested and depending on the test results they will either be allowed to proceed or informed they will need to self-isolate in line with the jurisdictions COVID-19 safety protocols.

We use our sister company Noppera-Bo to harness a layer of expertise in media redaction. This is a privacy by design feature required to keep any person visible on a camera feeds anonymised until there is due cause to identify them as a person of interest and therefore commence tracking.

Airline Cargo Screening

We have created a high powered, near real-time, video redaction solution which actively processes videos to allow for tracking of “Persons of Interest” between camera feeds.

Intelligent X-Ray
Security Screening Solution

We have developed a platform that addresses the following X-Ray screening processes: 

  • Reduced labor costs by reducing the number of technicians and experts needed and increase screening productivity
  • Reduction in escalations of false positives and false negatives

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