Smart tech solutions
for Financial Services



Altada have developed an artificial intelligence and machine learning solution for the financial services industry. Our proprietary database has created curative outcomes on over 100,000 legal related title compliance and collateral defect documents. This empowers our clients to optimize due diligence, underwriting and pricing capabilities. This platform allows servicers to price loan pools more precisely by quickly identifying optimal decisions that enable our clients to estimate the time, cost and complexity involved in resolving essentially any title, collateral or compliance issue. Altada’s AI-driven platform and data integrity trade secrets provide the scale and systems sophistication to ingest high volumes of loans quickly and accurately.


Altada have created a technically sophisticated Multi-Family Real Estate, Acquisition, Disposition and Management Platform.  Using our proprietary AI modeling and Machine Learning, matched with industry subject matter experts and operational excellence.

Our Pyrite solution generates above-market returns by providing intelligent information in identifying markets. This delivers a competitive advantage to our clients in pricing, pre-diligence/exclusive diligence phase, acquisition and management. 

This reduces waste and inefficiencies which lead to yield leakage. This drives a competitive edge in complex and time compressed situations and manifests trading wisdom (advanced pricing and liquidation models).

Data Tape Parsing​

Document due diligence automation to identify, evaluate, and act upon risks, impediments & opportunities in the portfolio.

M&A Diligence

To identify documents within a seller’s data systems, assess the varying documentation types, identify critical information, and classify documentation.

Accelerate AI Adoption


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