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for Financial Services

AI Architects and Academic Modeling Expertise

Companies need to extract value from their extensive data estate, solve new strategic problems and find ways to increase operational efficiency and monetize the value of their data. 

Altada has the technology and right combination of solution driven AI Architects and academic modeling expertise to solve complex operational  enterprise  solutions. We provide scalable AI models that enable enterprise organizations to harness data intelligence to create unique insight. We ensure that enterprises can exploit their entire data fabric thus driving automation, to enable scale, and velocity. We use our proprietary AI solutions to accelerate transformation in the financial services sector.

How It Works

Our data integrity engine ingests large quantities of unstructured data sets from which we extract meaning and insights that increase data driven decision making potential within a firm. 

This enables an organisation to make informed decisions based on past data which previously would have been ignored or inaccessible. 

The engine can also monitor and identify risk and raise an alarm to notify the relevant people to check by hand.

Data Tape Parsing​

Document due diligence automation to identify, evaluate, and act upon risks, impediments & opportunities in the portfolio.

M&A Diligence

To identify documents within a seller’s data systems, assess the varying documentation types, identify critical information, and classify documentation.

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