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with data driven models


Healthcare has been truly disrupted in the last year, the sector is embracing new technologies at breakneck speed to adapt to the new environment. Altada has responded to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and realised some high caliber technologies that can relieve the burden on overstretched healthcare systems by employing AI and automation.  

Our AI and Machine Learning Enterprise level solutions are at the forefront of solving real and critical healthcare challenges globally. 

We streamline processes, reduce cost, reduce waste, improve outcomes and improve patient experiences through utilizing data matched with AI in the Health Ecosystem. 


We build out customised use cases for specific client needs and have proven to be highly effective.

Revenue Cycle Management

Altada devised an advanced analytics and a Machine Learning solution that has two key components: (i) a monitoring and inspection capability and (ii) a prediction component which would identify the claims that are likely to be paid without any human intervention or never get paid. These sets of claims are represented by the following two classes:

  • No Balance No Payment
  • No Balance with Payment

Dataset Overview: Some of the most prominent features are derived from behavioral characteristics built from the following data:

  • Amount Charged
  • Bill Speciality
  • Insurance Packages
  • Procedure Codes
  • Adjustments specifics

This enabled the predicted outcome of a claim at the time of posting.

Our ML/AI allowed explainable AI to be applied at the claims level.

75% of the claims were predicted to not require any manual intervention. Another 18% would require one or two interventions. In essence, we reduced AR workload by 93%.

The solution provided further insights in the workflow and operational performance of the RCM operation such as write-off, value of touchpoints and payer behaviours. 

Covid 19 Travel Tech
Pandemic Response

Altada’s safe zone technology for travelling in the pandemic era to maintain public safety during and after the pandemic.

Covid SEIR Model

Epidemiological tools used to track the dissemination of Covid-19 in the US and Ireland. Used also to help identify when the plateau would occur to aid in nationwide resource planning.

Accelerate AI Adoption


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