Using data
to empower and protect


Altada offers an AI-driven platform created especially for the challenges to the travel, entertainment and hospitality sectors. Our Aerynite solution can help with the resumption of safe and responsible travel. We do this with trustworthy and ethical AI in conjunction with Privacy by Design to make it much safer for the public to travel and for businesses to resume globally.

How It Works

The solution will be used to detect and prevent human trafficking, identify persons of interest, and identify people in crowds.

Bio-Safety Module

We have created a high powered, near real-time, video redaction solution which actively processes videos to allow for tracking of “Persons of Interest” between camera feeds.

Intelligent X-Ray
Security Screening Solution

We have developed a platform that addresses the following X-Ray screening processes: 

  • Reduced labor costs by reducing the number of technicians and experts needed and increase screening productivity
  • Reduction in escalations of false positives and false negatives

Accelerate AI Adoption


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