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Altada was founded by Allan Beechinor and Niamh Parker. Frustrated with the lack of ethical and trustworthy AI products, they set out to build a company that delivers scalable AI solutions.

In 2017 with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Allan Beechinor with a group data technology advocates solved the complexity of Personal Identifiable Information (PII). This journey lead to the inception of the Altada AI-driven platform. 

Through their combined experience in technology and entrepreneurship Altada was established at the right time to address the acute needs of organisations with AI adoption. Niamh and Allan have four children and are passionate about nurturing the AI talent ecosystem. Altada has partnered with Tangent, Trinity College Dublin’s ideas workspace on the AI accelerator, Alsessor. 

What we do

Altada’s AI-driven platform provides a complete view of clients’ data supply chain using ingestion, indexing, data remediations and inference. By exploiting a company’s data fabric, our clients’ have successfully achieved outcomes in automation and data-driven decision making which have enabled scale and increased their profitability through AI.

AI is beginning to touch every aspect of human life and has been known to far exceed the cognitive capabilities of the human race. Altada’s focus is to always, maintain fairness and avoid unintended bias. We promise to ensure that AI ethics and trustworthy AI is the absolute priority for the company and all the technology we create. AI has unlimited potential and Altada are committed to deploying it responsibly. We embed privacy by design in every solution and are proud to be known as leaders in AI for good.

our experience

With over 20 years of experience in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science, Allan is a well established AI thought industry leader globally. Allan is one of few technologists to feature in the Gartner cool vendor list, Magic quadrant and industry leader board for Privacy management within two years, with the rare accolade of doing so concurrently with three different privately-owned companies for a specific use case. Allan was a key contributor to help develop the first MSc for Artificial Intelligence in Ireland. He contributed to the whitepaper ‘Irish Programme for Government for AI’ which was published for the Minister for Innovation and informs the National Strategy For AI.

Niamh has over 20 years experience across the legal, hospitality, sport and technology sectors. She is also the CEO of Altada’s sister company BeaconAI which specialises in data privacy solutions. She is a serial entrepreneur and holds a Masters in European and Comparative Law (LLM) and is a huge privacy by design advocate.

Accelerate AI Adoption


Leadership Team

Allan F. Beechinor
Co-Founder & CEO
Niamh Parker
Co-Founder & Chief Legal and Compliance Officer
James T. Lewis
Strategy & Growth Officer
Gavin Teehan
Head of Sales
Martin O'Brien
Chief Financial Officer
Diane Murphy
Head of Human Resource & Talent Acquisition
Sourabh Dixit​
Head of Data Science​
Caroline Hassett
Marketing Manager
Dr Eugene O’Connor
Chief Medical Officer
Trucle Nguyen
Chief Innovation Officer

Commercial Team

Zoe Moroney
Document and Data Controller
Simone McCarthy
HR Assistant
Jessica Heaphy
Executive PA
Sharanya Ravichandran
Talent Acquisition Executive
Paula Marie Kilgarriff
Strategic Accounts Director
Caoimhe McSweeney
Business Development Executive
Sinead O'Sullivan
Business Development Director
Amber Flynn
Marketing Intern
Saordha Mulcahy
Marketing Assistant

Technology Team: Data Science & Engineering

Shivansh Bhandari
Lead Data Scientist
Lasit Pant
Lead Data Scientist
Anurag Banerjee
Senior Data Scientist
Vishal Pandey
Lead Front-End Developer
Aniruddha Kalburgi
Data Scientist
Varun Menon
Software Engineer
Avani Mohgaonkar
Software Engineer
Ashwin Balachandar
Data Scientist
Blaise Antico
Junior Data Scientist
Suyash Shrivastava
Data Scientist
Chavvi Chandani
Data Scientist
Hrushikesh Gosavi
Data Scientist
Sidharth Mehra
Biomedical AI Research Intern
Phalguni Rathod
Junior Data Scientist
Nivedita Mahato
Junior Data Scientist
Ashish Kannur
Software Engineer
Hasnain Kothawala
Data Scientist
Kais Essmaeel
Data Scientist


Peter Kearns
Managing Partner
Ryan Goldberg
Managing Partner Corporate Development
Pantelis Monogioudis
AI Advisor

Our Clients & Partners

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